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The summer spirit of your hotel L'Empire

The summer spirit of your hotel L'Empire

Summer has finally arrived and your hotel L’Empire is delighted to plunge into these moments of pleasure, relaxation, both full of energy and surprises. Our teams are already gleaning with good ideas for you. Here is a small summary of our summer ...

A beginning with music

A must-see event marking the beginning of summer season, the “Music Festival” remains a great moment. Techno, vocal jazz, classical, baroque, rock, you will certainly find something to feed your music lover's ear, from the smallest intimate concert to the great electro mass, through the musicians giving performances at the four corners of the streets.

Art and celebration

We invite you than to take over a new amazing place: La Grande Surface - Festive Gallery. In a former supermarket, has just opened for a few months this hybrid concept combining art gallery, happening, bars, musical programming, space for dancing and restaurants. Everything is ephemeral and constantly evolving. No doubt, you will have to try it!


Enjoy with the family

Musical, festive, cultural and relaxing, summer will be with family anyway! Discover the adjoining rooms of our hotel L'Empire. They allow you to keep both your intimacy of parents and children, while keeping your family life in a real apartment of 60 sqm with private landing and two bathrooms. Not to mention of course the large suites, ideal for families.

In summertime, Paris adopts a festive and happy mood. Come to share it with your family in our hotel L'Empire! We will give you many ideas for outings and activities, as a couple, with your family or friends.


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